Macau 9/15/2014 under Typhoon #1 @ Ricoh GR

Buffet Shots

Few shots during dine in at MGM Rossio.

Snap shots 2/15/2014

Have one day off today so I go for some shots. Again love the light weight GR so much!   My little pussy at home:   The below vendor's ... Read more »

Monday Tea Time

Just had a great time with my girl :)

The New Ricoh GR

Just got the Ricoh GR which is perfect for street snap while you wanna have a decent photo quality and do not wanna have a ... Read more »

Street Photography @ Thailand, Day 1

Just had a nice and relaxing trip in Bangkok during Chinese New Year. Food there are cheap and tasty; transportation system are well developed, which ... Read more »

First Attempt, Evening Macau Tower

Photos was taken on 01/13/2013. Body: D7000 Lens: Sigma 30mm 1.4, Sigma 10-20 f3.5 Waiting for a wonderful sky for second attempt!

Shooting While on a Ride: China Evening Scenes

I like taking photos while I am on a ride. It is like a training on how to capture moving objects accurately while you are also moving. ... Read more »

Busy but I Still Wanna Keep the Blog Updated

So busy these few weeks. I really wanted to shoot some great portraits but I just did not have time. Therefore, I once again chose ... Read more »

My Works Are ON!

It is amazing when people bought my works license (right to use) and used them on their websites or blogs. Here I found some websites or ... Read more »